Membership Incentives

ICPTA Membership Incentive

Independence Council is going to do a Membership incentive in addition to the Missouri State PTA incentive.

If your school meets the 5% membership increase goal your President and Membership Chair will be recognized at our May ICPTA Dinner.

In addition to this recognition, if your Unit meets the 25% membership increase Stretch Goal your President and your Membership Chair will receive a gift card from ICPTA!

2016-2017 Missouri PTA Membership Campaign

This year, Missouri PTA is challenging all units to increase their membership by at least 10%. All units, regardless of size that increase their membership by at least 10% over last year will be eligible for this drawing.  There will be one winner for the 10% category, one winner for the 15% category and one winner for the 20% increase.

Incentive Drawing

10% membership increase $250
15% membership increase $500
20% membership increase $750

Drawing will be held and winners announced at the Missouri PTA 2017 Annual Convention. All membership dues must be paid to Missouri PTA by March 1st, 2017.

State Membership Awards:

Exclusive 100 – 100% increase, 100 Member increase, or equal to 100% of recorded enrollment.

Silver Acorn Award – 75%-99% of recorded enrollment or 75%-99% increase.

100% Faculty Award – all full time certified personnel assigned to your building.
Golden Apple Award – given to the principal of each school receiving the 100% Faculty Award

Student Membership Award – Single PTSA unit that has the highest percentage of student members based on school enrollment.

Outstanding Membership Campaign Award – One award for the best campaign submitted.